How to get pregnant : natural means

It has been estimated that currently, every, one out of seven couples has problems conceiving a child. The infertility rates are expected to rise more in the future and experts blame this entirely upon the modern lifestyle and eating habits. Thankfully, couples can seek natural remedy and choose healthier lifestyles to get over this. Natural methods have helped almost 90% of the times. Listed below are some of them that you can adopt.

Food intolerance test

Many people have intolerance towards certain food items like gluten, alcohol, coffee, wheat, etc. These foods unnecessarily put stress on the body, thus reducing the chances of conception. If couples are looking forward to having a baby, it is best to get medical help to find out the food intolerance for both of them.

For increased fertility, couples should consider taking fresh homemade food with lots of fruits and vegetables. Organic food is the best as it will be devoid any harmful pesticides that might affect fertility. Even the dairy products should be consumed keeping things like safety and purity in mind.

Increase the intake of mineral and vitamins

Deficiency of one or more vitamins and minerals can cause serious ailments in the body and this can include infertility. Therefore, it is best to maintain a diet rich in all sorts of fruits and vegetables. You may also go for a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to tend to an overall vitamin and mineral requirement. You can further go for screenings to find out the exact conditions of your body so that you can exactly find out what are the deficiencies so that it could be addressed in a proper manner. It is best to increase the intake of food like avocados, olives, coconut, nuts, fish and eggs for a better nutrition.

Remove heavy metal toxicity

Heavy amounts of toxic elements in the blood can be detrimental for fertility as well as pregnancies. It has been known to cause a number of ailments like low birth weight, abnormal growth of the fetus, prematurity, and miscarriages. It is especially the lead and cadmium that can be more harmful than the others. Mercury and aluminum are also equally or more dangerous. However, these are rarely used in everyday life so they do not pose so much of a threat. Among other things, tinned food, old paint, kinesiology and cigarette smoke are some of the things that can cause metal poisoning. In case of poisoning, a detoxification should immediately be done followed by proper nutrition.

Staying away from radiation

Many devices that are most important for a normal functioning of everyday life also give out large amounts of radiation, mobile phones for example. These can severely affect the sperm count in males. Therefore, when you are not using these gadgets, it is best to have them switched off. Radiation can also cause hormonal imbalances, cysts, endometriosis, and infections. Therefore, the effects of radiation should be balanced out with the incorporation of essential herbs in the everyday diet.

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