How to know if I am pregnant ? The means to know

There are mainly two types of pregnancy test, the urine test, and the blood test. Both of these methods rely on the detection of the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG. This hormone is released by the placenta shortly after the embryo attaches itself to the uterine lining.

Urine test

When you are having a urine test, it is the first urine if the day that counts as this will indicate the level of different hormones present in the body. There are two methods for the urine test. The first method involves storing urine in a container and dipping an indicator stick into it. The second method consists of using a dropper to put the urine into a special container. If you are going for the first method, you can also do it by placing the indicator stick/strip directly in the urine stream.

In both the cases, the results are indicated by a change in color. The innovative products available in the market today have features like the appearance of a line, or a plus/minus sign or simple pregnant/not pregnant words on the testing strip after the test is completed. This makes it easier for women to determine pregnancies, right at the comfort of home.

Things to keep in mind while taking urine tests

  • Urine tests are best taken on the first day of the missed period, which is two weeks after conception. This is when the hormone levels become significant enough to yield to the urine pregnancy test. A test is done before that can be misleading as it will most probably show you as not pregnant either ways. However, there are one or more pregnancy tests that are more sensitive than the others. These may be used without you having to wait for two whole weeks.
  • Urine tests are 97% accurate in showing right results. You should, however, know how to take the test correctly. These are also very convenient as you can carry you the tests almost anywhere and everywhere. They are also much more cost effective as compared to a visit to the doctor which is why most people prefer these tests.
  • The self-determining urine tests are extremely easy to take. However, there is also a rare chance for false results. So if you experience pregnancy symptoms even after the tests indicated non-pregnancy, make sure that you go for another more reliable pregnancy test.

Blood test

Like the urine test, blood tests, too, determine the results by detecting/analyzing the presence of HCG in the blood. There are basically two types of blood test – the analytical and the quantitative. The analytical blood test gives results in yes and no while the analytical blood test determines the amount of HCG in the blood. Blood tests are much more effective as compared to urine tests. They can detect pregnancies 3 to 10 days before the urine test. Since this method also determines HCG levels, the information can be used to track if there has been any problem during the pregnancy.

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