How to know if I am pregnant? The signs that make you doubt

Pregnancy symptoms are not the same for all women. In fact, they may not even be the same for one woman during different pregnancies. The symptoms vary in intensity, duration, and frequency. Sometimes, they can be just so mild that you will feel like it’s just the normal onset of periods while the reality may be different. The symptoms could be physical as well as emotional. Given below is a list of what you might experience after conceiving. It is best to immediately have a pregnancy test so that you can be certain of what it really is.

Missing period

This is the clearest sign that you might be pregnant. However, women also have irregular periods due to several other reasons. So it is best to have a test first.


Many women have shared that they just felt pregnant after having conceived. This is without having taken any tests, so maybe you should just trust your instincts sometimes. You may also experience tiredness, moodiness, light-headedness or queasiness due to changing hormone levels.

Tender breasts

When the body is pregnant, it starts preparing the breasts for milk secretion. This may be accompanied by tender breasts, slight swelling, uneasy and sensitive nipples, darkening of nipple color or sore breasts. So if this happens, it is more or less an obvious symptom of pregnancy.


Pregnant women experience exhaustion even when doing simple chores like shopping. You may feel overtly lightheaded while doing strenuous exercises. This is again caused by the hormonal changes happening within the body.

Frequent urination

During pregnancy, the uterine expands to provide room for the baby. This may result in an uneasy feeling of having to urinate every once in a while. Also, the body starts sending more fluids into the kidneys for processing thus escalating the symptom.


This is also a very common symptom that you may be pregnant. Many women get a pukish feeling on an empty stomach, at specific times of the day, while others may experience it all day. This can be avoided by taking small snacks at frequent time intervals.


As the uterus expands, the arteries present in the legs experience a compression. This may lead to sudden dizziness and fainting, especially when you stand up straight after sitting down for a long time.

Food cravings

Almost every pregnant woman can relate to this. The body requires specific nutrients for the development of the fetus and this can manifest itself as cravings. The cravings can differ from one woman to the other.

Heightened sensitivity to aromas

After conception, the level of estrogen rises drastically. This can lead to heightened sensitivity towards aromas. The smell of perfume, cigarette smoke, and even food items can leave you feeling very uncomfortable.

Increased body temperature

Pregnant women have their body temperatures slightly higher than average. So if you start feeling warm unnecessarily or feel rising temperatures even when you are having a cold, it is an indication that you might be pregnant.

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