Sexuality during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. This can affect everything from body shape, size, weight and even the mood of the expectant mother. When it comes to the sexual activity that a woman can have during the pregnancy period, it is important to consider the stage of pregnancy, if there is any blood clotting after the intercourse and most importantly, the way she feels about having. To avoid any complications during childbirth, it is best to stick to the doctor’s recommendation or at least wait till she gets thoroughly examined by the doctor.

Physical changes and its effects during pregnancy

Although a woman goes through a lot of physical changes, their direct impact on sexuality is not quite clear. The changing body shape could be a deterrent to intercourses. Also, a pregnant woman often feels nauseated and exhausted which may cause her to feel not so sexual during this time period. The fatigue increases more the third trimester and by this time, the fetus will already have grown to quite big a size. Indulging in intense sexual activities during this time would not be considered very safe for the fetus. This is also the time when the woman starts experiencing heartburns which will leave her unable to respond in a natural way while having sex.

During this time, the breasts get very tender, sensitive and also enlarged. It can get highly stimulated even at the slightest touch, which could result in milk secretion due to the existing vascular alterations. This can be distressing for the couple, especially during the latter stages of pregnancy.

As for the rate of vaginal secretions, it increases during this time and even more during the intercourse. The cervix will be dilated at this time and is, therefore, more likely to bleed from the constant penile thrusting. The bleeding is definitely not healthy for both the child and the mother. In some cases, there can even be an unexpected post coital bleeding. After the sexual act is over, the vasocongestion in the female body does not get well relieved. This can leave her with a strange fullness even after the orgasm has been attained. It will take hours for this feeling to go away, which may leave her reluctant from having sex the next time. The body of a pregnant woman is already under stress and the sexual act is, therefore, likely to be followed by cramping and muscle spasms, which will only add to the pain and discomfort.

Pregnant women also have very low levels of androgen, which play a prime role in promoting sexuality. Due to this low androgen level, pregnant women are only likely to experience a sexual dysfunction during this period.

Pregnancy could also be a time of extreme heightened sensation and pleasure

During pregnancy, the genitals and the breasts enlarge also become very sensitive to touch. If it intercourse is done keeping in mind the comfort level of the woman, it can be overwhelmingly pleasant for the couple. It is also easier for the women to achieve orgasm during this time period. New positions could be tried out so as to ensure the safety of the fetus.

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