The Hormonal Contraception

Hormonal contraceptive means the birth control measures which act on endocrine system of human being.  Hormonal contraceptive methods are very popular as well as effective birth control measures all over the world. A large number of populations all over the world have been using these methods of birth control in order to prevent pregnancy. However, there are different types of birth control methods. Hormonal contraception is one of them. In this method, hormones are used as medication to prevent ovulation. This method includes contraceptive pills, Depo Provera injections and Norplant.

Contraceptive pill:

Contraceptive pill is a method of birth control, popularly known as hormonal contraception. This method is also known as Oral contraceptives. It is one of the most popular methods of birth control used by women all over the world. Now a day, the birth control pills are manufactured in such a way so that use of these increases the rate of safety of being pregnant but decreases the side effects. Since these are oral contraceptives, so these are taken by mouth.contraceptive-pill

However, these birth control pills show different side effects, including, nausea, breast tenderness, headache, anxiety and depressions. Apart from these side effects, it may lead some serious problems too. Some women may suffer from blood clot problem after taking these birth control pills.

The efficiency of these pills depends on how perfectly and regularly one uses these. The pills should be taken on time to get the perfect result from these pills.


Spermicide is another method of birth control. In this method, medications are used to kill the sperm when it comes into contact with the organ. The Spermicides are available in different forms like jelly, tablet or even in foam. One of the most common forms of spermicides is the nonoxynol-9. It needs to be inserted into the female sexual organ just before intercourse and left for 6-8 hours in order to prevent pregnancy. However, spermicide does not kill the HIV viruses and hence it cannot prevent AIDS and other STDs.spermicides

Spermicide shows some side effects too, including irritation or allergy in the vaginal tissue. So it is not permissible to use spermicide in order to prevent pregnancy.


Implant is another popular method of birth control used by women. In this method, a small flexible plastic rod is inserted in the skin of upper arm of a woman. The rod contains a form of progesterone called Nexplanon, which provides birth control for three years. However, a small surgery is needed to insert this rod. And this rod can be removed at any time through another small surgery. One advantage of implant is that fertility returns to the user at soon as it is removed from the body.implant

Implant too has some side effects. Among these, irregular bleeding is one of the most common side effects of it. Moreover, it needs surgery to insert as well as to remove the rod from the body. Apart from these, it also causes weight gain, headache, and acne.

Regarding efficiency of implant, it can be said that it is one of the most effective birth control method with a very less number of failure cases. Moreover, once done it lasts for three years and it contains no estrogen in it. So women who are breastfeeding can use this birth control method.


Patch is another hormonal birth control measure used by women. It is a thin plastic patch worn by a woman on her skin. Generally, it is worn on lower abdomen, buttock or outer arm. It sticks to the skin and releases hormones through the skin into the blood stream.  One patch is worn for a week, continuously for three weeks. Each patch can work for one week. And in the fourth week no patch is worn, in order to enable the menstruation circle. Patch is convenient for women to wear. As it does not need any surgery as well as it does not need to be remembered everyday unlike the pills.contraceptives-patchs

However, patch may also show side effects similar to those of birth control pills. Apart from those side effects, it may cause skin irritation too specially in the places where it is worn and it may cause blood clotting problem.  Moreover, patch has the possibility of dislodged while taking shower. It is also not convenient for women who do swimming. Like other hormonal contraceptive method, it too cannot prevent the STDs to transmit.  So it can’t be said as effective method of birth control. Moreover, over weighted women may find it difficult to use. At present, FDA has approved only one kind of patch called Ortho Evra.


Ring is another birth control measure used by a woman. A ring is a thin and flexible device which contains estradiol and etonogestrel hormones. The ring is inserted into the vagina. Once it is inserted, it works for continuous three weeks. And in the fourth week, it is removed to enable the menstruation cycle. It releases hormones in a very small amount into the bloodstream.ring

Like many other hormonal contraceptive method, ring also cannot prevent the transmission of STDs. The side effects which are related with this method are the same as the side effects of pills and patch. Sometime vaginal discharge may occur as a result of it.

But it is very effective method. It gives 99% of accuracy in preventing pregnancy.

Hormonal contraceptives are nothing but the medicines or devices used to prevent pregnancy. These are basically the birth control measures. These medicines or devices contain hormones estrogen or progestin or the combination of the both. Contraceptive pills, a patch, a ring, Implant etc are some methods of hormonal contraception. Among these, some methods are very effective in preventing pregnancy. But these methods are unable to prevent AIDS or such other STDs.

Though these measures do not cause any serious side effects, yet sometime these may cause blood clotting. Apart from this some minor side effects include weight gain, nausea, irregular periods etc.

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