The Natural Contraception

Natural contraceptives mean natural family planning which does not require any medication or device. These methods are natural because these do not require any hormonal manipulation from an external agent. It totally depends on the mindset of the partners involved in the intercourse.

Types of natural contraceptives:

There are different types of natural contraceptives. These are:

  1. FAM method, which mean fertility awareness method.
  2. Calendar rhythm method, it depends on relying on a woman’s menstrual cycle.
  3. Mucus inspection method
  4. Basal body temperature method
  5. Withdrawal method
  6. Douching and urination
  7. Abstinence

These all require lots of practice and patience as well. But these methods are less expensive and it requires no visit to a doctor.


Withdrawal is one of the oldest form of natural birth control procedures. It is also popularly known as pull out method. It involves the pulling out of the penis from the vagina just before ejaculation takes place. It thus prevents the sperm to come in contact with the cervix. Though this method is a debatable one, yet it is one of the most effective contraceptive methods.


Withdrawal method needs a lot of self control, practice and experience. Trust plays an important role in this method. The man who uses withdrawal method must know when to pull out his penis in the right time. He must know his time of ejaculation. If it can be predicted correctly, then withdrawal is a safe and effective method of birth control.

There are many benefits of withdrawal method of birth control. These are:

  1. It is easy and convenient method of contraception.
  2. It does not require any medication or device.
  3. It has no side effect too.

Pull out or withdrawal is effective as long as right timing is known to the man practicing this method. A good practice is needed to get a good result out of this method. It is one of the safe processes of the birth control. It does not have any hormonal imbalance or side effects. But it decreases the amount of pleasure one should get from sex. It is totally a cost free method but a bit risky


Abstinence is another method of natural family planning. It refers to no sexual contact between a man and a woman. So it is nothing but No to sex. The person who decides to practice abstinence avoids any kind of sexual contact.


Generally, pregnancy is related to sex. And pregnancy can be prevented by many contraceptive methods by using, pills or any other devices or by surgery. But abstinence involves none of these. It simply involves the process of keeping oneself away from doing sex. However, it does not mean that a person practicing Abstinence is a virgin one. It may not the case. A person having sex for years may decide to practice Abstinence at any point of life to avoid pregnancy as well sexually transmitted diseases.

Abstinence may be two types. These are the complete abstinence and The consistent abstinence. The complete abstinence includes avoiding all kind of sexual contact i.e. both anal and oral. And the consistent abstinent includes avoiding sex all the time.

Abstinence is 100% effective if a person practices the complete and consistent abstinence. It also prevents the transmission of STDs. By practicing complete and consistent abstinence transmission of STDs can be prevented. However, it does not prevent AIDS, Hepatitis B, C infections as these can be transmitted through non sexual activities too.

Abstinence is not an easy process. It needs lots of moral courage to practice abstinence.

However, abstinence does not have any serious side effects. The sperm cell dies if not ejaculated but again these are absorbed by the body if not ejaculated. Sometime the person may have nocturnal emission, but it’s not abnormal. Some other time the person may suffer from little pain in the testicles if not ejaculated after getting sexually aroused. But it too not so abnormal or odd and it is vanished by itself within a short period of time. So there is nothing to be worried about it.

Abstinence however sometime leads to sexual frustration. There are some serious consequences of it. These may include, Irritability, the couple practicing abstinence may suffer from irritability, Weight gain and Heart diseases.

Douching and Urination:

It is another method of natural contraceptive. Douching involves the washing out of mucus and such other bodily debris from the woman’s vagina by using a liquid solution. However, many woman practice this to maintain the vaginal hygiene.


Apart from douching, many other women think that urinating after having sex lessen the possibility of being pregnant. They think that urinating after having intercourse will prevent the sperm to enter into the cervix as urination may wash away the sperm. However, both douching and urination have no such contraceptive value. As during intercourse, the active sperms can reach the cervix of woman’s sex organ within five minutes after ejaculation takes place. And douching is not possible within that five minute. So there is no such contraceptive value of douching. Likewise, urinating after intercourse also does not have any contraceptive value. These are nothing but false assumptions and they do not have any efficiency in preventing a woman from getting pregnant. So people who practice these methods will never be able to get result from these methods.

What measures shall one take?

So these are some natural contraceptives. These all are cost saving contraceptive processes unlike the other contraceptive methods, which are more expensive and where lots of devices are needed to prevent pregnancy. There are many advantages of these methods. In these methods, a woman does not require to take medication or insert any device in her sexual organ. These require no appointment with the physician or any routinely checkups. But these contraceptive processes have many disadvantages too. It is very difficult to know about the time, when a woman is fertile. Moreover, these require lot of practices and patience from both sides to practice natural contraceptives.

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