The role of father during pregnancy

It may seem like the pregnancy is only a mother’s affair, but the truth is that it can be as equally challenging for the dad as it is for the mother. The physical aspects of the pregnancy are obviously relatable only to the mother, but there is also an emotional aspect to it and it is important for dads to be a part of it. Pregnancy as a whole should be an experience for both the father and the mother. Given below are some of the roles and responsibilities involving dads during the pregnancy period.

Emotional preparation

You are going to have a baby, so it is of utmost importance to start taking emotional preparations to receive your child. If it is your first child, you should be even more informed about all things that come with having a baby. Your wife is going to be carrying the child for nine months in her womb. So show your support. Accompany her to the doctor’s, go together for shopping baby items, set up the baby’s crib and room together, think of names. It is extremely important to have this bond as it will feel your wife feel a lot better, thus keeping her in good shape physically and emotionally.

Share the workload

During pregnancies, a woman will have to go through a lot of physical stress, which will easily leave her exhausted even upon doing the slightest bit of work. This will get even worse as she nears the delivery. Therefore, share your chores and during the latter stages, you may even have to take the entire responsibility of the work upon yourself and let your wife take her rest. Also, start sketching out how the work is going to be divided after the delivery. There will be a new addition to your family. So sketch out a plan that will accommodate best into your lifestyle.

Maintain good diet

Both the parents will have to take care of their health as it is about welcoming a new baby home. Start eating healthy and stay in a good shape. Pregnant women require a lot of nutrients to be included in her diet for a healthy development of the baby. Make sure that you are feeding her well. This will boost the health of both the mother and the child.


A pregnant woman needs daily exercise to ensure the health of the child. You could take her out for regular walks and assist her in doing light exercises like yoga. There are also special centers for pregnant women to exercise safely without putting herself or the baby under too much stress. Some of the exercises require the cooperation of both the husband and the wife. You could enroll in one of these.

Plan out the delivery

It is best to have everything sorted out in the very beginning. Plan everything from which hospital you are going to attend to which doctor you are going to refer, the people who are going to be present and what role you will be playing. This way, you will be mentally prepared when the day finally arrives.

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